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Coaching your strengths

Increase your focus, be at your best, enhance your well-being


Coaching for businesses

My programme helps employees and organisations shift their perspective from focusing mainly on what's wrong to building more on what works; helping businesses ensure people use their strengths which can enhance relationships and help employees find more meaning, purpose, engagement and drive at work. I help your business people develop evidence-based practical skills - such as growth mindset thinking, leadership with emotional intelligence, positive psychology and stress management techniques. Myers-Briggs Personality tests can also be used to help you to better understand yourself and those you work with. 

We will also look at cultivating habits that can enhance productivity and at the same time help you to stay calmer. Additionally, we can collaborate with nutrition experts to provide mini workshops on easy to prepare/source snacks to maintain your energy levels throughout the working day, as well as simple but highly nutritional meals to cook throughout the working week. 

The overall aim is to facilitate employees and leaders to develop their 'mindset' skills in order to increase their well-being & resilience, reduce stress and create happier, higher-performing teams.

I offer group workshops for up to 18 people with follow-up workshops over regular intervals to build upon the results of the initial group sessions. I also provide one-to-one coaching to help employees enhance their performance and build resilience in times of uncertainty or stress.

A tailored schedule, which fits your business and its people, is created in our preliminary meetings.

"Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of being." – John Wooden

Coaching for individuals

I offer a 6-8 week coaching programme to help you worry less, become more productive and do more of what you love. We start by figuring out where you are currently and then take a step back to look at where you want to be. It's important we ensure that where you want to be is from within and not as a result of an inherited notion/value. We will also cover your strengths, well-being, optimism, resilience, motivation, goals, relationships and life purpose. The sessions will include relaxation techniques, exploration of values which feel right for you and how to make your life more aligned with these, as well as powerful questions. In addition, we will look at ways to challenge thoughts and beliefs that hold you back and carry out "thought re-framing" exercises to achieve your goals. We will also incorporate growth mindset techniques into the goals that you create for yourself.

There is a choice as to where the sessions are held; these can be face to face in the studio, via live 'Skype' video calls or whilst walking outside in beautiful surroundings (e.g. park land or by the river) which can be relaxing and just as productive. This decision will form part of the preliminary meeting to schedule your bespoke programme. 

"Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” – Timothy Gallwey


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