About Me

Diploma in Human Potential Coaching 
Certificate in Presence Based Coaching (Mindfulness)
Certificate in Mindful Leadership
BA (Hons) Degree: European Studies with French & German
Chartered Accountant (ICAEW) - A.C.A.

After studying French and German at Bath University, I embarked upon a business career as a trainee Chartered Accountant in London from 1999 to 2003. This period provided me with experience of a variety of business organisations, ranging from Lloyds of London insurance syndicates to wine merchants to car distributors. Keen to combine using my languages with travel and to get more in-house business experience, in 2003 I started working for a Fortune 500 manufacturing and distribution company.  I worked in the International Finance team for 13 years alongside many working cultures (travelling 50% of the time at one point) as both a project manager and a team player. Over this time, I discovered a particular interest in the people side of the job noticing what motivated employees to be more engaged and I got more involved in training, as well as partaking in personal development courses that positively impacted my job.

An emerging curiosity into the psychology of individuals inside and outside of the workplace inspired me to start training as a life coach in 2016. Since then, I have completed a Life Coaching diploma (founded by Dr Mark Atkinson) and certificates in mindfulness programmes and mindful leadership. I am passionate about helping myself and others become more focused, productive, resilient, inspired and ultimately to achieve greater well-being. 

This belief has led me to set up my own business "Coaching in Mind" which specialises in facilitating wellness programmes and coaching to businesses as well as life coaching to individuals.   

What makes me different?

As a business wellbeing facilitator/coach...

Having worked in a global company across all levels of senior management, I understand the corporate environment and know how hard it can be to work at your optimum when you are stressed. A recent survey revealed that work is the most common cause of stress for UK adults, with 59% experiencing it. I recognise how providing one-to one-coaching and bespoke wellness courses, such as on stress management/resilience, can be hugely beneficial in turning stressful work episodes into times when you flourish and become at your best. 

In addition, I became a parent of three children whilst working in the corporate world and relate to the challenges and opportunities that present when combining a career with parenthood. I am a strong advocate of how individual coaching can massively assist both the company and worker with this transition.

A focus solely on financial measures of success in a business is not sufficient. The government now measures national wellbeing alongside GDP and the business case to do so too is becoming stronger. It is only a matter of time before shareholders, business leaders and employees start to ask organisations to report on wellbeing as well as the traditional top and bottom lines. 

As a personal life coach...

I would say I am a natural "encourager" and make people feel at ease. I am enthusiastic and like to inspire people to challenge themselves and to get to being the best version of themselves. I will tailor the course and methods I use to each client so as to provide a platform for success.

From time to time, we all get 'stuck' and distracted by being too busy doing other things and having a regular coach is a constructive way of becoming 'unstuck' and back on a focused path to what matters most to you and makes you most fulfilled. Time is one of our most valuable assets and thus worthy of some investment (through coaching) into how we best spend it!

Things that make me smile: great food, movies, beaches, nature, music, interiors, travel, running, peloton sessions, reading, fresh coffee, volunteering at my youngest son's school, spending time with my family & friends & challenging myself (in no particular order!)...



London & Weybridge

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